Selkirk Granite is a fine-grained granite ranging in color from light grey to off-white to light tan with some brown, reddish brown and charcoal mixed in.  It occurs naturally in sheets and slabs ranging from 1 inch to about 9 inches thick with occasional larger boulders and dimensional pieces.

It is the preferred product of quality oriented stone masons for its workability, natural dimensional qualities and color range.  Selkirk Granite products are ideal for veneer, dry stack walls, landscape steps, and all landscaping projects as well as specialty items such as hearths and lintels.


Veneer is approximately 3" to 5" thickness, random shapes and sizes, some mossy or lichen covered.




Dry stack Selkirk granite is six inches to various depth, 1 to 12 inches in height, parallel edges on face.  Predominant face heights are 3 to 6 inches.

Specialty Items--Garden Spires and Slabs.  Specialty Slabs are suitable for mantles and hearths, bench tops, and tables; naturally occurring or we can fabricate to size.  Garden Spires are long in one dimension, ranging from approximately 2 feet to 8 feet long, irregular shapes with lichen. 


Landscape steps are approximately 4 to 7 inches thick, minimum tread depth of 12", lengths vary.

Mossy specimen boulder shapes range from irregular slabs to dimensional.  Minimum weight approximately 200 lbs.  One hundred percent mossy or lichen.

Selkirk Granite random wall stone is a master's blend of a dry stack stone with random shaped faces.  These pictures feature the work of master stone mason, George Gonzalez.

Random Wall Stone
Random Wall Stone
Random Wall Stone