Lightning Creek River Stone is comprised mainly of metamorphic quartzites, argilites, and siltstones.  Colors are subtle earth tones:  light greys, blues, tans and occasional light green and lavender.

A unique and easy to use shape makes Lightning Creek River Stone a rare natural masonry product.  Unlike typical river rock, it has a blocky shape ideal for tight joints.  Lightning Creek River Stone is ideal for veneer, dry stack walls, fireplaces, and landscape projects.

Veneer is approximately 3 to 5 inch thickness.  Random shapes and sizes, our most popular masonry stone.



6 " Ledge is approximately 3" to 6" depth and 1" to 8" in height; length varies.




Dry Stack is approximately 6" to various depth, 1" to 12" in height with parallel edges on the face.  Makes great landscape walls or terraced beds.

Skippers are 3" minus "Flats", random shapes and sizes.


Landscape Boulders are random shapes and sizes up to about 100 lbs.


Black Granite Cobbles are fist size to head size and random shapes.  Suitable for masonry or landscaping.